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Monday, July 03, 2006

World Cup Craziness!

Has anyone else been watching the World Cup and seeing Ghana “rise to the top?” (Which is the title of the really corny, yet somehow really effective when you are excited, Ghanian football theme song). There is nothing more exciting than game day here, which seems to have the same effect as the rain: everything shuts down! People run to the nearest television, and if the power is out in Nalerigu, everyone heads over to the hospital, which has a generator and one tiny tv outside the main doors. Dave and I once counted over 120 people watching this tiny TV! Sometimes the color will waiver, yet the energy during a game is incredible, and the reaction to any good play or goal is a lot of cheering and dancing. The day of the game against the Czechs happened to be on a market day in town, and as I walked through market, I stumbled upon dead goat with little Ghana flags stuck in them! I really wish I had my camera for that one!
There is really nothing better than seeing an underdog team win. The pride on people’s faces knowing that Ghana not only was one of the four African countries to make it into the World Cup, but that they were also the only African team to make it to the top 16, is exuded by everyone. I find that there is even pride in a loss, as they know that they have played well and as my Ghanian father always says, “the whole world has seen how well we have done!”


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