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Monday, July 03, 2006

When in Rome….

The other night I went with Zach to his friend Andrew’s house to watch some football. Half-way through the game, a couple of his other friends came over, with a bag of meat. They started chowing down on it, and once in a while looked up at me and kind of smirked. The whole time I was looking down and trying to figure out what it was that they were eating, as I kept seeing what I thought were very slender limbs. Finally, I asked Zach what it was, and he said bushmeat.
“What kind of bushmeat?”
“Antelope, will you try some?” I figured it was just like dear, so reached down for a hunk. Just as I was about to put it in my mouth, Zach tells me that it is actually Andrew’s dog. Immediately my stomach churns and I have to put it down. It’s such a funny reaction when you think about it, and such an odd culture that we live in too. Why do we put dogs and cats above goats or cows? It’s just another animal that can provide you with a meal. And while my gut reaction is, “that’s disgusting”, I can’t help but wonder what cultures who hold the cow sacred think of Alberta! So I tell Zach and his friends that in Canada, dogs become part of the family, so this would be like eating your younger brother. I picked the hunk back up and ate it, and to tell you the truth, it tasted really good! Psychologically though, I couldn’t have anymore!
Not all Ghanians believe it is right to eat cat or dog, especially the Muslim population, so you wont find any in the market, it’s more of an under the table thing. Although I have talked to many people who really seem to enjoy it!
When I saw Sabrina in Tamale, she brought along a bag of her breakfast: fried bugs. When it rains, these firefly like bugs swarm the light in her compound, and the children in her family just sit there and collect them for a couple of hours. She tells me that there are just thousands of them! For breakfast, they pan fry them with a little butter. I tried a couple, and they were actually pretty good too! Just tasted like buttery crunchy breadcrumbs really.


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