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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Canada day, Ghanian style!

I arrived in Tamale this past Friday to find Kyle in the office. When he told me that a bunch of EWBers were coming down to go camping for Canada day, I couldn’t have been more excited. We met early the next morning and scoured the town for hotdogs. Amazingly, we found some and I was surprised at how much I was looking forward to the processed meat that normally turned me off in Canada. We waited a little over an hour for a friend of Luke’s who was going to lend us some tents. When we realized that he wasn’t going to come, the 12 of us hopped on a tro tro, completely unphased and headed out to the community of Nantoon. I thought how funny it was that we had all become such minimalists in such a short time. “Tent? Who needs one! I have my…uhh,… back pack… and Dan just went and got this large table cloth thing… that we can lie on… or cover ourselves if it rains….Lets go!!”
When we arrived in the community, we went to visit the chief and present him with kola nuts, as is tradition, and to explain to him what we wanted to do. They told us that we could camp out by the school house, and that we could sleep in the school house if it ended up raining. Half of the community followed us to the campsite, with another 20 people coming later to watch our strange culture of Frisbee playing, guitar sing alongs and roasting strange meat on a stick. By the end of the night we were completely surrounded by children, who stayed up far past their bed times to watch this strange spectical of white man.
It was really nice to be able to swap stories with other volunteers about our projects, our home life and best of all, about diarrhea. With a nice, patriotic touch, we finished off the night by singing Oh Canada under the stars.


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