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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Marriage Proposals and churches

They weren't kidding when they told me that I would be proposed to almost everyday! My count is up to 30, and I've come up with some interesting responses! Zach thought it would be funny to start handing out numbers, not only to keep track of the number, but just to see their reaction. So now when we walk around and someone comes up and proposes, I take out a piece of paper, write down their number and tell them that if they still have this piece of paper by the end of the summer, they are still in the running. In the beginning we had a bit of an issue with guys coming to the house, and with these ones you have to be super blunt, if not angry for them to get the message to not come back. I also had a chief propose to me, which is a little bit trickier because it's a little harder to laugh off. I told him that my parents have to meet the man I am going to marry before I accept, which he seemed to take pretty well. He also asked me to spend the night in his compound, and gave me a fowl to take home as a present. It was tied to the front of our motocycle. It's kind of sad that everyone thinks that all of their problems will be solved by marrying a white, as if we have every solution and are destined to succeed in life.
I have been going to a new church every week, partly out of personal interest, and partly to gain the trust of the community. At every church I was made to stand up and introduce myself to the congregation, to which they usually welcome you with a special clap. Masses are really long here, ranging from 2-4 hrs depending on the church you go to and whether you go to the Bible study before hand. There is a long more singing and dancing in general, and the musical instruments usually include a drum set (a sparkly pink one at the Baptist Church), a key board, tambourine and sometimes an electric guitar. The standards of a good sounding voice seem to be very different here, which makes me feel a lot better and I'm more likely to sing along if I can figure out the lyrics, that is if they aren't in Mamprullie.


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